Monday, 20 February 2012


Wowzer.... absolutely bloody LOVED the topshop unique aw12 collection at LFW!!! So proud of all the designers, they beat the pants off everyone else. Loved all the shades of khaki, the lace up boots and boxy midi's - all of my favourite things at the moment.

Been s*** with the blogging recently I know, life has been pretttttttty intense!! But when ever is it not I suppose! Anyway bought some amazing new bits recently I want to show off... including a gorge Acne jumper. It has to be my first expensive peice of clothing I've ever bought, absolutely can not afford it but the sales man was far too convincing I gave in. I feel like I need to do a bit of vintage shopping soon though.... my wardrobe has become far too much Topshop and not much else (not that that's a bad thing but you know what I mean!) Anyway, rant over!