Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I like her Alexa Chung-esque style....

Friday, 23 December 2011

Bralets Galore

It's been an ongoing obsession of mine for over a year now.... bralets with a midi or maxi skirt. I admit, I need to find new ways of wearing bralets. Maybe with trousers... although I'm not much of a trousery person.... Funnily enough, I always hated the idea of leather bralets. But saw the above photo of Wasson in a leather bralet AND she's wearing it with trousers - I think it looks amazing! 

Thursday, 8 December 2011

What's inspiring me right now....

 I've heard someone say before that they think 'inspirational posts' are a boring cop out. I think this is total bull*** as quite frankly they are what I enjoy the most! It is a huge part of my job to look for inspirational images, therefore if it was a meaningless, boring thing to be interested in or post about then I'd definitely say I was in the wrong industry! I love getting ideas from other peoples outfits, photographs and blogs. It's that combination of ideas that ultimately produces my own ideas.... all original in some way, but they definitely came from somewhere! Anyway, rant over, I'm feeling very inspired by embellishment at the moment (as you can see, that embellished bra in particular!). Also excited for the new pastel colour palette for SS12. Floral organza a la Christopher Kane SS12. Cosmic prints. Aztecs. Still loving my winter fashions though, still desperate for a multi coloured fur like the one in the last picture! (photos found from Look Closer, Amlul, Fashion Canvas, Lovers in Vain, tumblr, Style.com)